Lasers May Replace Lancets in Blood-Glucose Monitoring

Wouldn't it be lovely if you didn't have to prick your finger several times per day? According to “Science Daily,” The time might actually come when you can dispense with the lancets, thanks to modern technology.

The Laser Reader

New devices are being developed at the University of Leeds checks your blood sugar and doesn't even need a drop of your blood. The device uses a low-powered laser to check your blood glucose levels right through your skin using smart technology. These devices are expected to help diabetics keep tighter control over blood sugar levels.

Quick Checks

One device is about the size of a computer mouse and it checks your blood sugar with one touch. You don't need any test strips, lancets, or pricks! That can save diabetics a lot of pain and frustration, not to mention a bundle in blood sugar testing supplies.

Continuous Monitoring

Another device being worked monitors blood sugar levels continuously. No implants or invasive procedures are required. You wear the device, and your smart phone or computer will get alerts-- the device can even send your readings to your doctor, or parents can monitor children when they’re not home.

Continuous monitoring devices are expected to cut down on blood sugar emergencies.

Photo: You Tube