Clothing Designed for Diabetics Is a Hit

Everyone loves convenience; that's why pockets were invented in the first place. It's easy to keep your important stuff safe and on hand when you've got a pocket. Now, diabetics who use a pump, can enjoy that kind of convenience.

Pocket Innerwear

Pocket Innerwear is a new clothing company that features a line of clothing just for diabetics. The clothing contains pockets for insulin pumps and holes for tubing, and they're conveniently placed right at the infusion site for diabetes pump wearers. It makes wearing a pump more comfortable and less cumbersome.

Co-founder and CFO Laurel Bloomfield founded Pocket Innerwear with her husband. “We’re in start-up mode where each of us is doing 10 jobs, and each of us is just going for it,” Bloomfield said.

One for One Program

Diabetics might be happy to know that the owners of Pocket Innerwear are committed to helping people in need with a "One for One" program. For every type 1 diabetes clothing product you purchase, the company donates one product to a child with Type 1 diabetes.

It’s a win-win situation for all.

Photo: Diabetes Secure