Study Shows Stress Slows Down Your Body's Metabolism

You probably didn't need yet another reason why stress is bad for you, but scientists have found a new reason anyway. Apparently, stress can slow down the way your body metabolizes fat.

The Study

Researchers at the University of Florida found a mechanism in the body that reduces fat metabolism. The trigger for that mechanism is stress. According to the study author, Dr. Li-Jun Yang, this suggests that there is a link between stress and weight gain.

"Stress causes you to accumulate more fat, or at least slows down fat metabolism," said Dr. Yang. "This is yet another reason why it's best to resolve stressful situations and to pursue a balanced life."

Stress and Hormones

Researchers also found that Betatrophin triggers the mechanism as well. Betatrophin is a protein that researchers once thought might be able to cure diabetes.

The study, conducted on animals, showed that rodents experiencing metabolic stress had increased productions of Betatrophin. When this happened, it slowed down the amount of fat their bodies burned.

Scientists have known that stress can effect the metabolism. Hormones like cortisol and estrogen are closely linked with the connection between stress and the metabolism. Looking at Betatrophin with this new understanding can help researchers understand this link better.

Photo: PlayBuzz