Diabetic-Friendly Pancakes Recipe

This recipe uses whole wheat flour instead of white, and applesauce instead of sugar or eggs. Add some fresh fruit, and you have a healthy way to start the day!

You Will Need:

3/4 cup whole wheat flour
2 tbsp. oat bran
1 1/4 tsp baking soda
1/8 tsp salt
1 cup nonfat buttermilk
1/4 cup applesauce
2 tsp. canola oil
1 large egg
nonstick cooking spray


Blend the flour, oat bran, baking soda and salt in a bowl. Set the dry ingredients aside for a moment.

Whisk together the buttermilk, applesauce, oil and egg. Pour the wet ingredients over the dry ingredients.

Stir the ingredients to combine and moisten, but do not overmix.

Heat a flat skillet over medium heat. Spray with nonstick cooking spray and pour about 1/4 cup scoops of batter onto the skillet. Don't over-crowd them; do them in batches.

Flip the pancakes after the top begins to bubble and the edges begin to firm up. Allow the pancakes to cook another 2 or 3 minutes before transferring to a plate.

Top with fresh fruit, macerated berries, a light drizzle of honey or sugar-free syrup.

Photo: Taste Spotting