You know you’re Diabetic When...

The say laughter is the best medicine, so sometimes you just need to laugh at your diabetes. Okay, so maybe it’s not funny, but when you think about it, life as a diabetic is kind of absurd.

The Carbohydrate Conspiracy

You know you're a diabetic when you're afraid to go to IHOP. Your friends suggesting a pancake breakfast puts you into a panic. You find yourself breaking a sweat just looking at the blue roof as you pull into the driveway.

If someone knows exactly how many Doritos and Pepsi amount to exactly 15 grams of carbohydrates, he's most likely a diabetic.

The Human Pin Cushion

Have you ever seen the human pin cushion at the carnival freak shows? How much do you want to bet they're diabetic?

You know you're a diabetic when you poke yourself on something and don't even realize you're bleeding. You get so used to needles that you sit there watching and giving directions to the technicians at the blood labs.

Ups and Downs

You’re thirsty. You have to pee. You’re thirsty again. You have to pee again. Sometimes you think you should just bring your water bottle into the toilet with you. You haven’t eaten in 12 hours; yet you have high blood sugar. How does this happen?

Life in General

You hate watching Mary Poppins now; because you know a spoonful of sugar can kill you.

They say life is like a box of chocolates—so what does that mean if you’re diabetic? Ugh.

Try not to sweat it—at least you get a lot of good stories to tell people.

Photo: Womens Health Mag