Kid Runs Diabetes Blog to Help Raise Awareness, Education and Funds

Nikkolas likes to talk about his love for Mario Brothers, his home school activities like Lego robotics and swimming, and how he keeps his blood sugar in check. If he sounds like any other kid to you, that’s because he is like any other kid—he just happens to be a normal kid with Type 1 diabetes.

At the tender age of 11, Nikko has lived with Diabetes for 9 years now-- practically all his life. He said he was used to it in his very first podcast in 2010. He tells everyone, "I can do anything a normal kid does."

Nikko is trying to share his wisdom and experience with everyone on his blog In addition to raising awareness and helping educate people on diabetes, he’s trying to raise money for his favorite charity: the Diabetes Youth Foundation, which helps send kids to diabetes camp.

On his blog, you can find information about what it’s like living with diabetes, tips on dealing with a diabetes insulin pump and links to his favorite resources.

Getting Attention

Nikko is a finalist for Edublog’s 2014 Best Student Blog Award. “As I grow older, I realize more and more how hard living with diabetes can be. But hopefully one day we will find a cure,” he writes as a thank you to those who supported him.

Nikko is an inspiration who proves diabetes doesn't have to slow you down.

Photo: Twitter