Could Bad Dreams be a Sign of Hypoglycemia?

If you're diabetic and are plagued by bad dreams at night, it's quite possible that it's not just your imagination working overtime. You might be suffering from hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) when you sleep.

Connection between Dreams and Hypoglycemia

When your blood sugar dips into low levels at night, it might cause you to have nightmares, or your behavior while you sleep might mimic what you'd expect to see when someone is having a bad dream.

The symptoms of hypoglycemia, such as sweating, shaking, getting confused, etc., are bad enough when you're awake. When you're asleep, your body feels the symptoms but is not conscious enough to know what's going on.

What to Look For

Some symptoms that its hypoglycemia causing bad dreams may include restlessness, excessive sweating and crying out. Once awake, a diabetic experience low blood sugar might be irritable, confused or shaky.

If You Wake Up

If you wake up during a bad dream (or if someone wakes you up), don’t try to shrug off feeling poorly as after-effects of the dream. Check your blood sugar. If levels are low, a quick snack like juice, a piece of fruit or even a spoonful of honey will boost levels up again.

Photo: Divine Caroline