Why Switching From Sugar To Artificial Sweeteners Might Not Be The Answer

If you have a sweet tooth and thought artificial sweeteners were going to help take care of it, you might want to check out some of the latest research. According to some studies, artificial sweeteners can raise A1C values, blood glucose levels, and lead to weight gain.

The Problem with Artificial Sweeteners

When you eat, the calories you take in (even calories from sugar) trigger your brain to release the hormone leptin. This hormone gives your body the signal that you're full so that you stop eating.

Since artificial sweeteners have no calories, they disrupt the release of leptin. That means the part of your brain that looks for and enjoys food when you're hungry doesn't get
shut off.

All Things in Moderation

Studies seem to be very mixed on artificial sweeteners. Some link them to various health problems while others say that, at least in moderation, it's okay to consume them.

Like everything else when you're diabetic, it's important to control what you put into your body, to watch how things affect your blood sugar and weight. Like all things, you need to find the healthy balance.

Photo: Japan Times