Walking for Diabetics

There is no simpler, safer, cheaper or more convenient manner of exercise than putting one foot in front of the other and walking. It's flexible too: you can do it alone or with others, you can do it pretty much anywhere, and at any time. If getting out of your home for a 15 minute walk is all you can manage, even that much is that much better than nothing at all. If you wanted some greater involvement in walking, here are a few ideas.

Interested in a non-competitive walking event organized at the state level, one that promotes participation for fun and making friends? Volkssporting might be for you. The American Volkssport Association (AVA) has over 300 clubs and 400,000 participants nationwide who take part in noncompetitive and recreational walks, hikes, bike rides, swims and other activities. They're about getting outdoors, getting some exercise, and making friends.

Mall Walking
OK so maybe you're not interested in something like Volkssport. Maybe the local shopping mall is more your style. Great, some shopping malls even have organized walking clubs, and in some cases they'll open their doors early to their walkers. It's safer than walking anywhere near traffic, there's plenty of water and fluids, you're near bathrooms, and of course, you can shop (or window-shop).

City Park Walking
Urban parks are sensational places to get out and enjoy the outdoors without going too far from home. Typically park rangers lead tours of urban parks throughout the year (in nicer climates), and more often than not it's free. Call your local recreation department to find out more.

Photo: Fitness For Mommies, Northern Light

No special equipment is required. Only shoes!