Researchers Find Soybean Oil is Worse for You than Sugar

A study by researchers at The University of Riverside shows that high soybean oil consumption is actually worse for you than high sugar or coconut oil consumption. Soybean oil puts people more at risk for weight gain and diabetes.

The Findings

Researchers fed mice different diets and found that those eating a high soybean oil diet gained significantly more weight than those eating sugar or coconut oil.

“This was a major surprise for us," said Poonamjot Deol, director of the study, "especially when you see headlines everyday about the potential role of sugar consumption in the current obesity epidemic.”

What's Wrong with Soybean Oil?

Soy is generally thought of as healthy, but in large quantities it's been shown to have ill effects on health. It's been found to drain energy, slow the metabolism and increase rates of heart disease and cancer.

Soybean oil is commonly found in processed foods, and mostly it's partially hydrogenated. Hydrogenated oils block the body's ability to process essential fatty acids. They are considered poisons and banned in many countries.

Read your food labels— even if you’ve never tasted tofu in your life, if you eat pre-packaged foods you’re probably eating more soy than a vegetarian.

Photo: DIY Trade