Health Tip for Diabetics: Take Standing Breaks

Remember in the days before technology when many people worked standing up and had to take sitting breaks? Well, times have changed, and the situation has reversed. More and more people work sitting down, and researchers say it's not healthy! Now, consider taking standing breaks.

The Study

A study recently published in 'Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercises' found that people with Type 2 diabetes could improve their metabolic health by taking more breaks to stand and stretch.

Long periods of being sedentary can have harmful effects on the health. Even if you can't exercise, you can make a difference just by getting up more to break up those periods of sitting.

30 Minutes for 30 Days

The study had diabetic participants spend 30 days adding 30 minutes of light activity to their daily routine. That 30 minutes spread out over the day made an impact.

The findings were in line with another study from 2013, where researchers found just standing more often could improve insulin levels more than exercise sessions.

"Encouraging adults with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes to break up prolonged periods of sedentary time may be an effective strategy for improving body composition and metabolic health," wrote study authors.

Photo: Next Desks