The Local Farmer's Market Could Be the Your Best Source of Nutritious Food

If you love fresh produce, don't run to the supermarket. Look for a local farmer's market!

Best Bargains

You can usually find the best bargains on fruits and veggies at the farmer's market. Farmers markets cut out the middle man and costs associated with long-distance shipping. You'll also find more competition at farmer's markets for your dollars, therefore more competitive pricing.

Grown Locally

Locally grown produce is usually fresher and of higher quality. Produce travels an average of 1,300 miles to reach your local branch. Farmer's market takes a more direct line from field to table.

Really, Actually Fresh

Would you believe those apples you bought at the supermarket may be up to a year old? The potatoes may be around 6 months old. Even more delicate produce was probably picked more than 10 days ago. Supermarket produce is usually picked while still unripe, gas-ripened, waxed and kept in cold storage.

Farmers markets, on the other hand, usually present you with an array of in-season, field-ripened, locally grown produce that was picked within a day or two of purchase.

Keep in mind: nutritional value declines with age. Fresher means more nutrients.

Photo: Mundelien