Cooking Good When You Have Diabetes

Here's something you can do to help manage your diabetes that has countless benefits: cook more! Let’s look at just some of the benefits of cooking.

Taking Control

How to prepare meals is a great way to take control of your diabetes and your life. If diabetes made you feel helpless, cooking for yourself will make you feel empowered again.

Know What You’re Getting

Unlike when you eat pre-packaged foods or eating out, there’s no guesswork when it comes to home-cooked meals. You know what is in your food. There are no surprises, and you can control the amount of sugar, salt, fats and carbohydrates.

Enjoy Your Meals Again

Diabetics can have a real love-hate relationship with food. Many say they feel deprived of ‘good’ food and wish they didn’t have to feel restricted. When you cook for yourself, you can experiment with ingredients, flavors and cooking methods to strike a balance of healthy and delicious. You’ll discover a whole new set of favorite staples, as well as luxurious indulgences.

It’s Great Exercise

Cooking, believe it or not, is also great exercise. It keeps you up and moving for 30 or 60 minutes per day. Your reward is both sweet and savory.

Photo: Nutrition Smart