The Challenge of Diabetes Can Make You a Stronger Person

When people think of diabetes, they're usually more focused on the problems the disease causes. But living with diabetes isn't all bad-- in fact, facing up to the challenge has some benefits.

You Become More Health Conscious

One thing diabetes teaches you is how important lifestyle choices are to your health. Those who manage their diabetes are very aware of what's good for them, and what's not good. They're more alert when it comes to how they feel and changes happening in their bodies.

You Become an Expert Planner

When you're diabetic, you need to plan ahead. You need to have a schedule, to think about medications, appointments and what you're going to eat next week. When you manage diabetes you stop just coasting through life and really take the wheel.

You Release Your Inner Boy Scout

If your blood sugar is high before a night out with friends, you realize it's a good idea to skip the buffet dinner you had planned and just meet them at the movies. If your blood sugar drops, you need to pull over, call the sitter and find that snack in the glove compartment. You plan everything but are prepared for anything.

You Can Take It

When you're stuck several times per day with pokers and needles to check blood sugar and inject insulin, when you're used to the little aches and pains that are common with chronic diseases, your threshold for pain and discomfort tend to rise to super-human levels that 'normal' people would not understand.

You Appreciate Life

When you have a chronic disease, you look at life differently. You remember what’s really important and what’s worth fighting for. Diabetes may force you to give up some sugar, but it can make life taste sweeter overall.

Photo: Run Or Stay