Best Things to Serve at A Summer BBQ if you’re Diabetic

Just because you've got diabetes doesn't mean you have to miss out on all the fun. You can still plan your summer BBQs, just tweak the menu to make it healthier.


Replace your chips and dips with some fresh raw veggies and refreshing low-fat hummus dips.


Swap out some of your large hunks of red meat for leaner meats like turkey, chicken, fish and pork loin.

Also, keep your meat consumption down. Instead of big slabs, cut up lean meats and serve them as shish kabob. Instead of large burgers, go with petit turkey sliders.

Side Dishes

Focus on the veggies for your BBQ. Load up the grill with asparagus, zucchini spears, and thick tomato slices. Put out garden salads instead of the fatty potato salad. Serve up some healthy Cole slaw on the side.


Stick with the fruit when it comes to dessert time. Not only is fruit cool and refreshing, but in the summer it's at its peak of ripeness. Go for fruit with a low glycemic index, like strawberries or watermelon.

A scoop of sugar-free sorbet or sugar-free Jell-O cubes makes a nice companion to fruit.

What to Avoid

It's not so much about what you have that will make your BBQ a success, but what you don't have. Opt for flavorful rubs and marinades instead of sugary sauces. Keep down the fat-- go for light vinaigrettes or a squirt of citrus to brighten the flavors.

A little menu planning and you can have your BBQ—and eat it, too!

Photo: Healthy Fast Food