5 Myths about Gestational Diabetes

You might have heard some things about gestational diabetes that have you concerned. People mean well, but unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation going around. Before you jump to conclusions, get the facts straight.

You Only Get Gestational Diabetes If It’s Genetic (you’re overweight, you eat carbohydrates, etc.)

These are dangerous myths because they’re untrue. There are multiple reasons anyone can get diabetes, so be safe. Don’t skip that blood test.

It’s Your Fault!

No matter what you hear, that little late night ice cream indulgence or extra bowl of pasta did not cause pregnancy diabetes. While you should certainly watch what you eat, getting diabetes isn't your fault.

Now you’re Diabetic

Gestational diabetes will usually (not always) disappear after you give birth. Much depends on your risk factors. Pregnancy diabetes may mean you’re at risk, but it’s not automatically forever.

Your Baby Is Going to Have Diabetes

People who are born with diabetes are actually rare. Just having pregnancy diabetes doesn’t mean your child will be born with it.

You’ll Need a C-Section

Women with gestational diabetes are at higher risk for needing a C-section, but it’s not automatic. It doesn’t rule out natural birth, though. Proper management can help lower your risk of complications.

Photo: Diabetes Studio